A balanced cheese, where the characteristics of the three milks are combined and appreciated. The subtlety of the cow’s milk, the aroma and colour of goat’s milk, as well as the intense flavour of sheep’s milk.

Ingredients / Ripening

Made from pasteurised cow’s (50% max.), sheep’s (15% min.) and goat’s (15% min.) milk. 35 days minimum ripening.

Pairing / Consumption

Well suited to be served with a young or rosé wine. Recommended for slightly sweet flavours such as dried figs. Perfect for those looking for a soft cheese, but with an intense flavour. Conservation: Keep refrigerated between 4ºC and 8ºC. Once opened, for optimum conservation it is recommended to cover the cut cheese with aluminium foil or plastic, leaving the crust uncovered. Consumption: Leave the cheese at room temperature approximately 10 minutes prior to consumption in order to fully partake of its flavour, texture and smell.

Data sheet - Iberico Semi-Cured Cheese