The company was founded by D. Marcelo Díez in 1957 in Garrafe, a town in the province of León located on the banks of the river Torío, and was initially named “Granja San Vicente”. In 1978, and under the management of the current president, D. Fernando Díez Boñar, the company moved to the current premises in Navatejera, very near to where it was founded, and was given its current name of Industrias Lácteas San Vicente, S.A.

The company’s deep-roots in the area are due to the fact that this is an area of an excellent milk production, as one of the company’s main objectives from its beginnings was to obtain raw materials of the utmost quality.

Today it has consolidated as one of the most significant companies on a national level which has known how to combine an artisanal elaboration with the most modern technological innovation.