Our vast experience in the production of cheeses together with a long-lasting tradition, which we have known how to combine with the use of state-of-the-art technology, enables us to always offer a very high quality product which complemented with an excellent service, makes us a serious option for our clients. All of this gains a greater significance as we are able to provide a large selection of products that range from Fresh cheeses to more Mature and Aged cheeses, including Soft cheese, Semi-cured, Cured, made with only one type of milk and with different blends, combining different manufacturing methods that allow obtaining cheeses made with pasteurised milk or raw milk.

We can supply this broad range of products in a large variety of formats, both in full pieces (large, small, mini and baby) in blocks, half pieces, cheese wedges of different thicknesses, as well as the possibility of requesting different types of packaging. We also have available a large variety of formats for Fresh Cheese, both for the Traditional which is made following the artisanal methods of our ancestors, and for the long-lasting Fresh Cheese made with the most advanced technology in order to keep all its freshness and flavour.