Our “lightest” cheese. Creamy, mild and savoury, it’s got less calories and fat for those who like to look after their diet.

Ingredientes / Maturação

Ingredients: Skimmed pasteurized cow milk (min. 75%), pasteurized sheep milk (min. 5%) and pasteurized goat milk (min. 5%), salt, lactic ferments, rennet, stabilizer: calcium chloride and preservative: lysozyme (egg). Aging. Ripening. 7 days

Combinação / Consumo

Perfect for any time of the day as a snack, starter or dessert. Our suggestion is to serve it with a lemon, apple and mint infusion. Store in a fridge at 4-8ºC. Ideally stored in aluminium foil or film (only the cut surface as the rest must have “air for breathing”). To fully enjoy the flavour, texture and smell, it’s best to take the cheese out of the fridge a bit before serving so that it reaches a temperature of around 18ºC.

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