With a creamy consistency, mild taste and no colouring or preservatives thanks to the special characteristics of this milk, our fresh goat cheese has a high nutrient content and the fat is healthier and easier to digest. Plus, it contains probiotics and is low in lactose. Thanks to our production process, the expiry date for the product is longer.

Ingredientes / Maturação

Pasteurized goat milk min. 99%. 0.05% rennet. 1% salt. No aging time; it’s fresh cheese.

Combinação / Consumo

It goes well with light white wines or rosés. Perfect for any occasion whether breakfast, dessert, salad... to have alone or with jam, honey... The possibilities are endless. Once open, it may be kept in a fridge for a few days. Always keep on the top shelf in the fridge at 4ºC. Storing in a closed plastic container is recommended to keep it away from the air as it would otherwise dry out and the smell may be contaminated

Ficha Técnica - Queijo de cabra de longa duração