Our cheese mixed with raw milk of high quality is a real delicatessen with the truffle that adds flavour and unique aroma.

Ingrédients / Maturation

Raw cow milk (min. 25%), sheep milk (min. 25%) and goat milk (min. 25%), salt, lactic ferments, rennet, extra virgin olive oil with Tuber melanosporum truffle aroma, stabilizer: calcium chloride and preservative: lysozyme (egg derivative). Non-edible rind (preservatives: E-202, E-235). Origin of the milk: Spain

Mariage / Consommation

Perfect for making the aperitif a very special time, savouring all the aroma and intensity provided by the truffle. Having it with a toasted beer or a full-bodied red wine is recommended. Store in a fridge at 4-8ºC. Ideally stored in aluminium foil or film (only the cut surface as the rest must have “air for breathing”). To fully enjoy the flavour, texture and smell, it’s best to take the cheese out of the fridge a bit before serving so that it reaches a temperature of around 18ºC.

Fiche technique - Fromage à la truffe ibérique