Soft and creamy. Good source of protein and calcium. It is a homogeneous and attractive product, and its elastic texture, makes it perfect for lointing, and easy to melt when cooking.

Ingrédients / Maturation

Cheese [Contains MILK AND LYSOZYME (EGG derivative)], vegetable fat (palm oil), water, DAIRY proteins, water, emulsifying salt (E-452 and E-339) and preservative (E-202)

Mariage / Consommation

It can be accompanied with a young, sweet, or semi-sweet white wine, and with any kind of refreshing drink. Ideal to prepare all kinds of sandwiches, burgers, sandwiches, both cold and hot. Also for more elaborate dishes, such as lasagnas, pizzas, etc. Store between 3 oC and 8 oC in the refrigerator. Protect the cutting surface with aluminum foil or retractable plastic. Before lontime it is recommended to temper the product between 8 oC and 10 oC.

Fiche technique - Bar à sandwich